Helloooo, I’m Zina and it’s time to introduce myself in the Web. Yes, I just have started my blog site, not because everyone does it and it’s “cool”, but because I need to share my point of view, my travel experience and so much more. I just want to capture my moments and tell my stories about everything emotional, extraordinary and about my days and places full of joy !

I have been working in IT sphere since 2014 as Front-end developer and this profession is so excited for me. In this website I will upload projects I participated in. You can find them in Portfolio section as well as my CV and other files which are focused on my work experience. As a Front-end developer I’m a part of a different teams and together we create web sites, web apps, newsletters, designs and much more.

But the main purpose of this site is to show my colorful experience and all my girly staff like nails decoration, home decoration, Christmas spirit at home and around. Also I’m going to share info about events around the city and bunch of emotions and photos.

When I say travel experience I mean all the places I had visited, both in the beautiful country I live in and abroad. Yeah, Bulgaria is the most beautiful country where I have extreme luck to be born. High green mountains and deep blue sea …. hmmm a dream came true! I will be more specific in the next blog posts soon.

I hope you will enjoy my website and be curious for unknown!