• Yoga journey for life

    Yoga journey for life

    It’s been 3 years from my first yoga class and definitely yoga becomes a journey for me. Three years is not a big deal in yoga lifespan. But this doesn’t matter because yoga is not a competition, yoga is a kind of awakening. Yoga works with our heart, emotions, and thoughts.

    I’ve been talking to lots of people who practice yoga, but none of them can answer this simple question “What is yoga?”. This is the most common question and the answer couldn’t be just one. Yoga is a personal feeling, yoga is a personal opinion, yoga is a personal experience. Everyone can give you this answer by there emotions, their journey, their views.

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  • New chapter – the quietness and the autumn

    New chapter – the quietness and the autumn

    New chapter – the quietness and the autumn is that beginning of the autumn when it comes unexpectedly quick.

    When you get used to the hot summer days full of energy, hangouts, and rush when you still want to wear your shirts and colorful dresses.

    When you start feeling the cool weather even cooler.

    And when you see the wind while all brown leaves fall down to the ground and then you truly know that the autumn is here.

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  • Feeling festive in Kapana

    Feeling festive in Kapana whooohoooo!!! This is my favorite city festival ever! It’s hard for me to express the feeling and emotions you feel in the air when you are in this wonderful creative district in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

    The event happens twice a year – at the beginning of the summer season (mid of June) and at the end of the summer (mid of September). In 2017 it was the third edition of the festival and the spirit is still the same as it was in the beginning.

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