• Three ingredient Coconut cookies

    Three ingredient Coconut cookies

    Once again coconut recipe from me. Obviously, I am that coconut lover 🙂

    I’ve been inspired for this recipe and I’ve improvised a little bit too.

    As you may know, coconut, in general, is super healthy food but in appropriate quantities. This time I want to combine something healthy and not so sweet for dessert.

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  • Oriental flavoured lentil

    Oriental flavoured lentil

    This was a really successful experiment by my side. I was hungry and I’ve decided to prepare a lentil for a diner. I’ve picked a red lentil because is super easy and fast to cook.

    Actually, the red lentil is a traditional Turkish dish and becoming more popular these days. And this dish is a part of my favourite lunch and dinner choices.

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  • A salad of my imagination

    A salad of my imagination

    A salad of my imagination means a bowl of any veggie from the fridge or from the garden.

    Initially, I haven’t got a special recipe for the salads I made. I just use my imagination to create a masterpiece for the stomach and the soul.

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  • Weisswurst at home

    Weisswurst at home

    Weisswurst at home maybe it is not as healthy as a vegetarians thing but when is Deutsche week in LIDL everything is possible 🙂

    Usually, I am not a fan of this kind of food but I was curious about the Deutsche taste and I wish to remind of it lately.

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  • Apple Ginger and Mint Tea

    Apple Ginger and Mint Tea it is a lovely mixture!

    Everyone knows the smell of a winter herb which fills the room all around.

    Everyone likes something hot in the cold winter season.

    And everyone needs a cup of healthy, warm and full of flavor tea.

    That’s why I decided to share my receipt for delicious and homemade tea.

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  • Cocoa brownie cookies

    Cocoa brownie cookies are very quick the most delicious cookies I have ever prepare at home. For every choco lover!

    They have really interesting look and presentation because they are brown and when they are well baked at the sides are cracky.

    As I said in previous post – No doubt, everybody would love it.

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  • White Chocolate Coconut Candies

    White Chocolate Coconut Candies are extremely delicious, they are melting when it touches your lips and you can feel the sweetest explosion from the first bite.

    White Chocolate Coconut Candies are appropriate for every chocolate lover and of course easy to make at home.

    It is a perfect elegant dessert for friend gatherings and also can be a wonderful homemade gift idea for a favorite person of yours.

    No doubt, everybody would love it.

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