DIY Jewelry Clay Pottery

DIY Jewelry Clay Pottery

Hello again with another DIY project of mine. This is DIY Jewelry Clay Pottery, it helps me to organize some of my jewelry and also to have a nicer presentation of them. Recently I am attracted to DIY projects, it gives me such a pleasant time and also it is very relaxing.

DIY Jewelry Clay Pottery can be used not only to storing the pieces of jewelry themself but to display any kind of souvenirs and tiny objects like glass figures or crystals collection. A couple of crystals that I have might be interesting to you and I can write a detailed post specifically for them.

Process of making the Jewelry Clay Pottery

In my opinion, the process is not that simple and I don’t want to call myself a sculptor nither a potter. Actually this is not an easy profession, at all. Once you’ve tried you realized how hard is it.

But so the materials you need are not that much. Here is the list of them:

  • Air-dry clay
  • Baking sheet or any kind of sheet to roll out the clay
  • Some pottery of yours that can help you to shape the new ones
  • A school glue
  • A wooden roller
  • A wooden straw for the holes in the clay
  • And earring to test the holes
DIY Jewelry Clay Pottery

Start by rolling out the clay in any shapes you need like you roll out the dough for saltines. Leave them to dry on air for the exact time written on the package of your clay.

DIY Jewelry Clay Pottery

After the clay is dry you have to polish the pottery. For example with a nail file (like I did) or any kind of sandpaper if you have. The potteries need to become smooth enough for the paint after that.

DIY Jewelry Clay Pottery

Once the clay potteries are dried and polished well you can paint them in your favorite colors or make them shiny like these ones on Pinterest you’ve already pinned. πŸ™‚

Here, I’ve used the cappuccino color for the base and the details are painted with the Gold color. Oh, aren’t they gorgeous?

The details of the pottery

At the end of 500 grams of clay I have:

  • A plate for my crystal bracelets
  • A tray for my new crystals collection
  • An amazing earrings holder
  • Rings holder
  • And one little tray for my Lava stones which I will use to purify the air with essential oils

Like and share

Here is my Pinterest DIY board where you can find a quick view of the DIY process.

Also, here is the YouTube video that inspires me to create some of my clay pottery.

Last but not least check out my other DIY project for the old mirror tray here.

In conclusion, I hope this post be interesting to you! Don’t be scared to get dirty with some clay at home πŸ™‚

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