DIY mirror tray

Hey friends, I am here with one super quick DIY project. DIY mirror tray, it’s about the old mirror that I turned into a tray for my crystals. I wasn’t able to capture the process, but I have some photos to show you.

The idea behind of DIY mirror tray

The idea came when I decided to buy a tray for my small collection of 2 crystals (yeah, don’t laugh) and I couldn’t find the appropriate one in the stores like JYSK or IKEA nor PEPCO.

And I thought that I could do it on my own and I’ve found one old mirror in my forgotten cabinet because I am the person who does not throws away the old objects but stores them for no reason. I believe that one day I can use them for something. Some of them get used but some of them still waiting for their turn.

In the very next moment, I grab some tools and paints and start creating my new tray for crystals. That is the reason why I have no photo before and after. But you can see below the steps of the process.

Steps of the process

1. First, I cleaned the surface of the mirror and the transparent plastic border.

2. After that, I used the matte cappuccino color for the base of the border.

DIY mirror tray

3. In the end, I added the super modern, stylish glamour gold color on top of the base color.

DIY mirror tray

4. And of course, for the more shiny look and for the preservative in time I added a water-resistant varnish.

So don’t you think the point is not to produce more garbage but to challenge our creativity and make the old objects to look new and stylish again!

If you are wondering why I need this tray is because the crystals look better on that kind of surface. They look shiny and bright and catch your eye immediately. They reflected itself really nice and well.

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Also, I’ve created a new Pinterest board for my DIY projects here.

I hope you like the blog and the article itself.

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