Doodling while listening to an important information

Doodling while listening to an important information

This post contains one easy trick to use while listening and processing new information. I’ve found useful for myself and I hope you should too. The method is called Doodling.

This article may be helpful to some of you. So enjoy reading! 🙂

Back in the days when I was in high school, I was sketching something on my notebook all the time. It was really a challenge for me just listening to the teacher and do nothing. Like I couldn’t listen and stay still in class (the problem of every student I guess).

Now in these days when I’m listening to a podcast, for example, the situation is the same. I’m always drawing, sketching or painting something.

This behavior talks to me that I need a focus while listening to new information. And this technique, actually helps me to understand the specific content better.

That’s why I’ve made research and look at what I’ve found. It is called Doodling.

Doodling and memory – research from Harvard Health Blog

In addition, paying continuous attention places a strain on the brain, and doodling may be just the break your brain needs to keep attending without losing total interest. A report on the learning styles of medical students (who generally have to absorb large amounts of information) indicated that even they may find doodling helpful, as long as they limit the time they do it. A simple 30-minute doodle helps them remember information, fills in gaps in their thinking, and provides a much-needed reprieve from loads of information they must wade through.

The whole article from Harvard Health Blog is here.

Another research from Techwell

Doodling can actually help you focus and make it easier to listen. It can relieve stress and improve productivity. It can also help in memory retention; doodle a number or word or image that pertains to what’s being addressed and it’s more likely to stay with you. And there’s no such thing as a mistake; they are your doodles, and whatever you create is just right.

It may not even matter if the doodling relates to the topic being presented. In one study, people who doodled during a long, boring voicemail message better recalled the details of the message later on than people who didn’t. Researchers speculate that doodling helps the brain remain active compared to the strain of paying single-minded, continuous attention.

The whole article from Techwell finds in here.

Final thoughts of – Doodling while listening to an important information

I’m totally agreed with those statements and I’m super excited that I’ve found this info. It’s helped me a lot and actually I’ve answered many of my concerns. So, when we listen we need a focus to digest the information easily. And on the other hand not to distract from the topic of the lecture or the podcast.

And for me, the easiest way to stay focused and conscious of what I’m listening is to sketching or drawing nonsense pictures or just Doodling.

It has become a hobby of mine. It is always nice to welcome the new in our lives. Our mental health it is always important to develop and to extend our knowledge is the best practice ever.

I believe that the best investemnt that you can make in your lifetime is your own education.

Mike Maloney

This simple! And it’s work for me of ages. And I just want to share this practice that I’ve found, it might help someone of you.

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