Feeling festive in Kapana

Feeling festive in Kapana whooohoooo!!! This is my favorite city festival ever! It’s hard for me to express the feeling and emotions you feel in the air when you are in this wonderful creative district in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The event happens twice a year – at the beginning of the summer season (mid of June) and at the end of the summer (mid of September). In 2017 it was the third edition of the festival and the spirit is still the same as it was in the beginning.

Feeling festive in Kapana

It is a place where all Bulgarian artists came around and show creativity staff they have made. Also, you can find there а fresh and healthy food, craft beers, colorful cocktails, burgers and much more. As we speak about the food you can also find homemade cheese, yellow cheese and a bunch of local herbs and flavor. Big applause to all local manufacturer and craftsman!


Also, there are many tents with fabulous gadgets like baby clothes, posters, wooden cards for a birthday or some other event, a bunch of designer clothes with unbelievable stamps on it (a lot of them are draw/ paint on the texture). My favorite part is the necklaces and rings and earrings and and and they are so unbelievably extraordinary and I want all of them in my closet.

In the evening the party starts! There are 2 or 3 stages with different music musicians, mainly locals artists. They make really awesome music! Rock, Pop, Reggae all the sounds are in the air, it’s like little magic. The people walk around, drink beers and talk to each other, it really casual atmosphere. The best experience for me is that you can go there just by yourself and after a step or two you have already found a friend or someone you barely know, but there is no problem, the conversation and laughter have started. The vibe is getting really festive when we have an opportunity to communicate face to face when we dance under the rain or drink beers at the warm evening in the summer night.

It’s easy to make new friends and find interesting people, everyone is unique and positive. And yes, the times fly and the evening solutes the morning.

This kind of event is really needed because it makes you feel good and enthusiastic. This is one weekend full with sun or rain, but outside you make laugh, make friends and you make connections with other people. And get the information about new artist around the country and their hard work which is really emblematic!


For reference visit the website http://kapanafest.bg/

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