Inktober challenge 2019

Have you ever heard about Inktober? If not, check it right away here. All my October was for the Inktober challenge 2019.

Basically, “Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month.” – as the creator describes its initiative.

There is no reward, there is no competition, it is the self-improvement method and helps you to build strong consistency. I like it much because I don’t like competitions, I am not a game player and I feel more stress than pleasure when I have to challenge someone.

Although I am not a painter indeed, I have never had a single drawing course in my life. I am just an enthusiast and a hobby person. I do it for fun and for satisfaction.

How does the story begin?

Actually, the story around all my curiosity to paint begins more than 2 years ago. Long-time ago friends of mine gifted me a painting kit. For more than a year, I was opening it, looking around all the mysterious tools inside and closing it straight away. Acting like I am scared and ten-times more curious! And this process repeats in time. But one day I had a desire to try some of the brushes on the white paper. And voila! I’ve learned that it’s not so scary at all and actually I’ve found that I have a sense of doing this kind of art really nicely.

And this is how the passion begins to grow and the fire starts burning in me. A lot of times, I’ve tried to redraw some beautiful paintings from the Pinterest artists, after that I’ve had a desire to try something on my own. And that is how the experience becomes bigger and bigger and the passion grows.

Gallery below

But let’s leave you here with this long intro and wish you good browsing through the gallery below. There you can find all the Inktober images which I’ve gifted to all my friends. That was the best experience and highly positive emotion I got from the Inkober this year.

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Keep on dreaming and sharing

I encourage you to begin, to start something that you dreaming of and you will see the good results after that! I am sure! The beauty is in the little things.

Here is the link for my Pinterest Inktober board. Enjoy!

I also have an Instagram video processing of how I did them all. And also you can enjoy my other post in Art me category.

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