Instagram Stories Cookbook

Instagram Stories Cookbook

I’ve got an idea for quite a while to create something like a Cookbook with super easy and timesaving recipes. Instagram Stories Cookbook will contain images from my Instagram story highlights. You can find them into my profile on Instagram. I’ll be glad to share one of my favorite and tasty experiments. They are all tested and approved from me and my friends so I dare to share my ideas.

Of course, I use a lot of inspiration form social media and I’ve mentioned them into the stories but I have also my own experiments.

We all live in times of quick decisions, a short attention span, fast food and this brings us lots of stress and anxiety. I am not saying that this is a good lifestyle, don’t get me wrong, this is actually is not healthy at all…

But the idea behind this Cookbook is to give you some new experience, to save you some time in the kitchen. But this won’t save you the time to wash the dishes afterward if you understand me πŸ˜€ Also the recipes are healthy and delicious, I promise πŸ˜€

So let’s dive into Instagram Stories Cookbook…

Plant-based milk

Let’s start with Coconut milk (on the left), Almond milk (in the middle) and Walnut milk (on the right). Keep in mind that Walnut milk is not the best mate for coffee instead but it’s a perfect base for the smoothies or milkshakes.

Milk-based mayonnaise

It is so delicious! Use the blender at the highest speed!


Start the day

Start the day with a smoothie bowl (on the left) or a fruit salad (on the right). Fruit salad depends on the weather for this case it was a winter salad.

Keto ideas

Keto bread with sesame tahini (on the left) and a keto Ciabatta with pumpkin seeds tahini (on the right).

Keto crackers (on the left) and Keto wraps (on the right).

Vegetarian option

Falafel with fresh salad and yogurt dip.


Nowhere to go without a slice of bread on the table

Provence Bread inspired by Ellie from cookingbuthow.

For all the Chocolate lovers

Chocolate and dried apricots dessert. Once again inspired by Ellie from cookingbuthow.

Turbo Chocolate Truffles with fancy garnish. Two variations 100% Vegan.

Mousses for the most sophisticated taste palate

They are so airy and light, definitely give them a try.

Super healthy smoothies with superfoods and mushrooms

Four Sigmatic foods are the 100 most nutrient dense, most studied foods on the planet. Check their site and products here. Think with Mushroom Coffee, unwind with evening Mushroom Cacao, totally risk-free.

Old but Gold

My favourite two recipes in the same time delicious and super easy to make.

  1. Three ingredient Coconut cookies full explanation here
  2. Cocoa Brownie full explanation here

Bulgarian Rose Damascena

Last but not least healthy benefits of the Bulgarian Rose Damascena.

Instagram Stories Cookbook conclusion

This is not a typical Cookbook, but I am in the process and one day who knows it might be in a digital format. I’ll keep filling my stories and also I’ll be adding the images here in this post because this is the process and it takes time.

I’ve got the whole section in my Blog with recipes, you can have a look here. You can find salty options and sweet ones. Don’t hesitate to write me a comment or share your experiment with me on social media

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