Liverpool – our winter story before Christmas

Liverpool – our winter story before Christmas

Liverpool – our winter story before the Christmas holidays begin like this.

We have been in Liverpool for the first time ever. First time in England to be exact and we’ve decided to go there in winter season… such an irony. Actually, we didn’t expect to be so cold. But we were strong enough to take a walk in this magnificent port town.

We’ve traveled to Liverpool to visit our friend for a weekend. It was in December just before the Christmas holidays. We had no expectations and we had a great time together.

Of course, I had a plan to follow! I have used “Visit a city” application to find famous places in town. The App allows us to make a plan for every day of our trip. It gave us information about the opening hours of museums, libraries, churches and so on. Moreover the App gives us info about the taxes and fees for every building or garden we want to visit. Great App! It gave me an opportunity to be strict and organized while I’m traveling.

Our lovely host was so kind and took us in this cold weather outside, to show as the hidden and the greatest places in town.

The feel, the vibe

I had an unusual feeling there, I have felt like I was in an English movie. Every building has this unique English style and vibe. Every house has a specific lower window at the two sides of the front door, a tiny path from the street leads to the home, also there is a garage next to the front door and of course, at least one tree and fresh grass (in warmer season 😀 ) in the front yard.

Because of well expected Christmas holiday, every house had their Christmas decoration. A lot of lights has covered every building and house in town. There were lots of lights on the roof of the houses and in the front yards as well. Every home seems to have more than one decorated Christmas tree in front of the windows in the house. They have a lot of Snowmans, Santa Clouses and Deers all over the front yard. And of course, the city center decorations was magnificent. See the pictures below. I have to say that the English people know how to make Christmas vibe! I really, really like it! 

Let me give you more details about the food, the transport and the famous places in the city of Liverpool.


Lets begin with the food. Every one of you knows about English breakfast and English tea.

You can find English black tea with milk everywhere in the town or in England in general. This is the traditional way to serve tea with milk in England. Of course, we have tried to drink the tea without milk but for sure the taste was really, really strong. The milk was a preferred option to make the taste of the tea milder.

English breakfast

Every morning we had an English breakfast. I had tried 2 types – a normal one and a vegetarian one. For us girls breakfast was so big that we were full all day long.

The full breakfast includes one egg sunny side up, one pork sausage, crispy bacon, baked beans and fried potato. There was one strange thing. The taste was unusual, the substance was soft and it was unattractive for us to eat it – it calls Black pudding ( It is made from pork bloodpork fat or beef suet and a cereal, usually oatmealoat groats or barley groats.). The English breakfast usually comes with a beverage such as coffee or tea and toast.

Vegetarian type of English breakfast includes – two eggs sunny side up, two soy sausage, fried mushrooms, fried cheese, baked beans, and fried potato. It was more delicious in my opinion and the portion was bigger than the normal breakfast :).

For dinner, we were in Liverpool One open-air shopping center. We were in Thai restaurant Chaophraya is was a really nice and modern place. They said that is one of the best restaurants in town. I liked the atmosphere there and the interior design as well. The food there is tasty but spicy, every meal has a spicy taste even the meal without the indicator for spicy food in the menu… but at leats it was delicious.

The beverage

We have tried lots of hot chocolate with marshmallows, English tea with milk and lots of milkshakes, hot wine in the Christmas market and so much more unhealthy full of sugar beverage. The other thing we didn’t skip was beer. We have tried plenty of different English beer in traditional pubs and bars.

An interesting fact is that Liverpool is famous for his student’s life and young people everywhere especially between 10 PM to 2 AM in the morning 🙂 .

Public transport

The transport in Liverpool was nice. We have traveled by bus all over the city. They were comfortable, warm and clean. When you travel by bus instead of Metro you can experience the city better. Traveling underground you are missing so much.

Of course, when you in a smaller city traveling by bus is more attractive than Metro. But if you live in a megapolis like London or Paris the better option is Metro, because you are at risk to lose your day by traveling from one place to another. So it depends on your personal mood, it depends on the city itself and company you have with you 🙂

Don’t miss in Liverpool

So much I have written so far and I didn’t mention The Beatles … such a shame. The Beatles – this great English band. If you are a fen of their music you are definitely at the right place on Earth.

The most famous places and spots in town are:

Liverpool has a huge variety of museums and galleries. We were impressed by Tate Liverpool because we saw a new modern design which displays British artworks from the year 1500 to the present day.

Liverpool - our winter story before Christmas

Liverpool - our winter story before Christmas

Must visit places

For the young generation, shopping time and emotional experience:

  • Anfield – The iconic Liverpool Football Club since 1892
  • Liverpool One – The complex of shops, restaurants, and entertainment

More and detailed information you can find in “Visit a city” – Liverpool.


The SuperLambBanana is the work of the Japanese artist Taro Chiezo. It is a popular symbol in the city and a valued piece of public art in Liverpool. This unique work is created to make people be more open mined. Everyone has noticed what is happening around us these days. Taro Chiezo wants to represent the issue of genetic engineering. So he decided to make half-banana and half-lamb in one single sculpture.

If you are curious for more of my travel experience you may want to read  SALZBURG – PLACE WITH А VIBE.

 Visiting Date: December 2017g. 

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