New chapter – the quietness and the autumn

New chapter – the quietness and the autumn

New chapter – the quietness and the autumn is that beginning of the autumn when it comes unexpectedly quick.

When you get used to the hot summer days full of energy, hangouts, and rush when you still want to wear your shirts and colorful dresses.

When you start feeling the cool weather even cooler.

And when you see the wind while all brown leaves fall down to the ground and then you truly know that the autumn is here.

I have never thought that I will notice the transition of the seasons so clearly. Maybe when you getting older you notice the little details which always has been there but you are too young and too busy to see them. And I’m not that old 🙂 but this autumn is different. I have stopped at the middle of the road to take a picture of the quiet boulevard with all brown leaves on the ground and the last blooming flowers around me and those last, last warm sunlight behind my back was so lovely and inspiring moment for me. I have pictured that moment and I realized that I want to show you some pictures and to talk about the season called Autumn.

Autumn is here!

What were the first 3 toughs which came to your mind when someone says “Autumn is here!”? Personally for me is red wine, time to stay at home and jackets.

Wine wine wine lover I am! Red wine definitely is my way to say “Yes, the summer is over! Sadly but yes, the adventures are yet to come!”.

Time for myself! That moment is not only in the winter or in the autumn, but every time is time for myself or yourself! When we needed. It is cozy to be at home with a good company or with a few friends or even with a lovely person… and wine 🙂

What about the jackets? The jackets are the time when I personally change my whole wardrobe. I have gently washed all my summer clothes and store them under the bed (some friend of mine will laughing on that, I know 🙂 ). And take all my winter clothes out, and place them in the wardrobe. This is my way of change 🙂

Did you say pumpkin?

Pumpkin, pumpkin my dear! So lovely and so orange!

Bakes, steamed, boiled –  I like it in any way! Juices and smoothies also can be very tasty.

Pumpkin with honey and walnuts, Pumpkin creme soup, Pumpkin with coconut flakes whooohooo so yummy and so awaiting dessert for men.  I will share with you a recipe for a vegan Pumpkin cake with coconut flakes and butter. This is so delicious combination I have ever tried!

Winter is yet to come!

I like the transitions in the weather even transitions in my life. There is always something special there, something to learn, something to convince. something to experiment with. I believe that all transitions in life will come with a reason and our job is to give them a deserved attitude and patience.

We need to learn how to live with our happiness and our suffering, that is the essentials of life and living!

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