Pixel art plastic beads creativity for relaxation

Pixel art plastic beads creativity for relaxation

The other hobby of mine recently is pixel art creation. Those are tiny colorful plastic beads that have to be melted and in the end, they established different forms. I call this process Pixel art plastic beads creativity for relaxation.

I can say that this is an upgrowth hobby for both adults and kids. It is something that uses the creative part of the brain and on the other hand, you are using your fingers to develop the real object. I believe that it can help with relaxing the mind and improve the concentration in the progress.

In my first days, I’ve tried to create mostly flat objects. Objects like animals, clouds, smiley faces and so on. They are pretty much eye-catching and easy for using.

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Be aware of little kids under 2 years old, the forms might crash easily and the kid can eat some of the tiny beads if they are not melted well enough! Recommended ages for the kids is from 4 years. 

Uses of the beads

Another way of uses for adults can be for mug pаds or wall decoration.

Actually, we can be more creative and can develop 3D sculptures or even useful product for everyday needs. For example clocks for a wall or jewelry boxes.

We can use the forms to decorate our home or desk. There is no limit on experimentation.

This also, can be a small but valuable present for a good friend. This kind of meaningful present to someone valuable for you is the most precious ones.

Where to buy your first plastic beads and materials

I’ve found my beads online or in physical stores like IKEA for example. Or Alliexpress for online users.

Pixel art plastic beads creativity for relaxation

You also need pads where you can arrange your beads. They can be bought from IKEA or Aliexpress as well.

The third thing you need is baking paper. It is used when you start melting your figures.

Pixel art plastic beads creativity for relaxation

And last but not at least you need an iron. If you don’t have an iron at home (like me) go to the nearest tech. store and buy one 😀

Useful information

  • However, there are a few variations of the beads. They can be Perler Beads or Hama Beads. The beats can be both solid color or transparent ones.
  • Also, they can be 5mm or 2mm. If you are using 5mm be aware that the pad also should have 5mm dots.
  • Use the “cotton” program to iron the figures. And use no pressure when you ironing because the figure can be easily deformed.
  • One tip of mine – when the figures are well ironed I like to place them under the heavy books for example or other heavy objects when they are still hot. Just to be sure that the form will be flat at the end.

Useful links for pixel art

I am placing some links of my belonging here:

See also another blog post for the beginners’ guide to pixel art here.

Also, here you can check my other hobbies and my Pinterest channel.

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