Salzburg – Place with а vibe

Salzburg – Place with a vibe

Salzburg – Place with a vibe. There are no other words to explain the feeling when I was the first time in Salzburg. Even in the winter emotional, an energetic and warm spirit is all around.

Salzburg is situated on the northern edge of the Alps, close to the border of Germany.

The Salzach River separates the city in two parts, on the right side is the new and modern city, on the left side, is the old and Baroque city.

Definitely, my favorite city to visit. I just can’t explain why the city is so in my heart, but probably there are reasons for that. Everything is so clean and nature is so green, and you can feel the calmness in the air.

Salzburg has an old city and you can visit it just for a day, it’s enough to see the tiny streets, cozy cafes, different kind of shops for Austrian chocolate, also famous clothes brands, places for quick schnapps and plenty of restaurants of course.

Salzburg - Place with а vibe

There are one of the loveliest shopping streets in Salzburg –  Getreidegasse, where centuries of craft and traditions are kept alive. The Getreidegasse is the historical center of commerce in the city. Where the buildings are covered with traditional wrought-iron signs give it a touch of elegance. The romantic courtyards developed when gardens planted between the houses where, overtimes, sacrificed to make space for workshops, storerooms and servant’s flats.

Salzburg is the hometown of one of the giants of classical music – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Mozart born house 

He spends his first 25 years in Salzburg. Scores of scores, portraits, insights into his family life, first piano and violin of Mozart, a lot of letters are part of the place memories. From the top: the house facade, Mozart’s living room, Mozart’s pianoforte, for which he composed most of his 27 piano concerts, Mozart family portrait.

Salzburg - Place with а vibe

A Mozart Memorial

A Mozart Memorial was established in the house where he was born in the year 1917. 

At Mozart square on which the Mozart memorial stands since 1842. Left is the Michael’s Church, right leads on to Waagplatz.

The Salzburg Festivals 

Definitely the town with history. The origins of the Salzburg Festival go back to the beginnings of the 19th century. The very first Mozart Festival took place in the year of 1842. Several music festivals were organized after that by the Mozarteum Foundation.

The Hohensalzburg fortress 

It is situated on the highest top of the old town hill. One of the largest intact caste in Europe. Access to the castle is easy by funicular or if you need a workout and to save some money you can climb on foot. There is tour expedition with a guide and you can see a lot of rooms, dungeons, scary thing like a guillotine, chains and so on. Also, the castle provides great views of the city below. In the Fortress museum, there is an 11th-century Romanesque arcade window, It is discovered in 1999 during restoration work.

Salzburg - Place with а vibe

Back in history, Salzburg is home to countless cultural, architectural, and religious landmarks. A town with great religious traditions.

Nonnberg Abbey

The Benedictine abbey on the top of the Nonnber is the oldest existing convent north of the Alps. It was founded in the year 714. The Romanesque church from the 11th century was destroyed by a fire in 1423. Following the original ground plan, the construction of a new church has begun in 1463 and completed in 1506/07.

St Peter’s Abbey 

It is the oldest surviving Benedictine cloister of German-speaking regions. The monastery church was build as a Romanesque basilica between 1130 and 1143 and redecorated in the late baroque style in the 18th century. Interior of the abbey church is a jewel from the rococo style.

Salzburg Cathedral

The earliest Italian style church to be built north of the Alps. Traces of Mozart found in the cathedral: He played the cathedral organ at the right of the high altar.

The old Residence

It is connected to the Cathedral arches. The Residence Fountain was done most likely by Tommaso di Garona.

The Salzburg Provincial Museum

It has gained a new and attractive habitat in the grand rooms of the New Residence. For one year after it opens on January 27th, 2006 it will present extensive exhibitions on Mozart honoring the 250th birthday of the genius loci.

Church of the Franciscans

Is one of the oldest buildings in the festival city. The tower, originally built in the baroque style was redone in the neo-gothic style in 1866. The opposite is true of the high altar. It was originally gothic and was replaced in 1708 with the baroque altar.

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For reference and much more information for places to visit and history to learn, take a look at the videos below:

Visiting Date: January 2014g.  

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