• A salad of my imagination

    A salad of my imagination

    A salad of my imagination means a bowl of any veggie from the fridge or from the garden.

    Initially, I haven’t got a special recipe for the salads I made. I just use my imagination to create a masterpiece for the stomach and the soul.

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  • Weisswurst at home

    Weisswurst at home

    Weisswurst at home maybe it is not as healthy as a vegetarians thing but when is Deutsche week in LIDL everything is possible 🙂

    Usually, I am not a fan of this kind of food but I was curious about the Deutsche taste and I wish to remind of it lately.

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  • Apple Ginger and Mint Tea

    Apple Ginger and Mint Tea it is a lovely mixture!

    Everyone knows the smell of a winter herb which fills the room all around.

    Everyone likes something hot in the cold winter season.

    And everyone needs a cup of healthy, warm and full of flavor tea.

    That’s why I decided to share my receipt for delicious and homemade tea.

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  • Roast brussels Sprouts with Carrots

    Roast Brussels Sprouts with Carrots are a super healthy, super yummy, super fresh start to your day even on the weekends.

    Actually, weekends are my time for cooking, I just don’t know why, but there is no rush, no one waiting for something of you and yes I am full of positive thoughts!

    So, the recipe is super-fast and easy to prepare.

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