• Inktober challenge 2019

    Have you ever heard about Inktober? If not, check it right away here. All my October was for the Inktober challenge 2019.

    Basically, “Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month.” – as the creator describes its initiative.

    There is no reward, there is no competition, it is the self-improvement method and helps you to build strong consistency. I like it much because I don’t like competitions, I am not a game player and I feel more stress than pleasure when I have to challenge someone.

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  • Pixel art plastic beads creativity for relaxation

    Pixel art plastic beads creativity for relaxation

    The other hobby of mine recently is pixel art creation. Those are tiny colorful plastic beads that have to be melted and in the end, they established different forms. I call this process Pixel art plastic beads creativity for relaxation.

    I can say that this is an upgrowth hobby for both adults and kids. It is something that uses the creative part of the brain and on the other hand, you are using your fingers to develop the real object. I believe that it can help with relaxing the mind and improve the concentration in the progress.

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