• DIY Jewelry Clay Pottery

    DIY Jewelry Clay Pottery

    Hello again with another DIY project of mine. This is DIY Jewelry Clay Pottery, it helps me to organize some of my jewelry and also to have a nicer presentation of them. Recently I am attracted to DIY projects, it gives me such a pleasant time and also it is very relaxing.

    DIY Jewelry Clay Pottery can be used not only to storing the pieces of jewelry themself but to display any kind of souvenirs and tiny objects like glass figures or crystals collection. A couple of crystals that I have might be interesting to you and I can write a detailed post specifically for them.

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  • DIY mirror tray

    Hey friends, I am here with one super quick DIY project. DIY mirror tray, it’s about the old mirror that I turned into a tray for my crystals. I wasn’t able to capture the process, but I have some photos to show you.

    The idea behind of DIY mirror tray

    The idea came when I decided to buy a tray for my small collection of 2 crystals (yeah, don’t laugh) and I couldn’t find the appropriate one in the stores like JYSK or IKEA nor PEPCO.

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  • A salad of my imagination

    A salad of my imagination

    A salad of my imagination means a bowl of any veggie from the fridge or from the garden.

    Initially, I haven’t got a special recipe for the salads I made. I just use my imagination to create a masterpiece for the stomach and the soul.

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