• Liverpool Gallery post

    Liverpool Gallery post

    The post should be representing our winter trip to Liverpool for three days. The photos are a little bit nostalgic and foggy but at least we had a great time there.

    We had a native guide there and also, she is a friend of mine so I am grateful for this awesome trip with her.

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  • Liverpool – our winter story before Christmas

    Liverpool – our winter story before Christmas

    Liverpool – our winter story before the Christmas holidays begin like this.

    We have been in Liverpool for the first time ever. First time in England to be exact and we’ve decided to go there in winter season… such an irony. Actually, we didn’t expect to be so cold. But we were strong enough to take a walk in this magnificent port town.

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  • Marburg’s fairytale

    Marburg’s fairytale

    I have never expected that I will explore such a wonderful city.
    Literally, the surrounded building reminds of a fairytale at first glance.

    Although, in a very next moment, we’ve understood that actually, the Margurg is the town where the Grimm brother began to collect all well know German folktales.

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  • Salzburg Gallery post

    Salzburg Gallery post

    It’s been a while since I’ve visited Salzburg. This is a magnificent city I’ve ever been to.

    I fell in love with the town for the first time I’ve seen it. It was a cold winter day when we had a walk in those tiny streets and everything reminds for calmness, beauty and uphold place.

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