Weisswurst at home

Weisswurst at home

Weisswurst at home maybe it is not as healthy as a vegetarians thing but when is Deutsche week in LIDL everything is possible 🙂

Usually, I am not a fan of this kind of food but I was curious about the Deutsche taste and I wish to remind of it lately.

This is a super simple receipt, all you need is

  • 2 Weisswurst in can
  • homemade souse (in my case was Bulgarian lutenitca which my lovely mother made for us)
  • pesto if you like it
  • olives (as you like for me 3 are enough)
  • any kind of raw sprouts

For the preparation, there is only to decorate your plate and you need to follow the instructions to prepare the Wurst.

The specific thing is that you have to boil a water and when the water is ready to remove from the oven. After that put the Wurst in the water for 10 minutes and voila… ready to serve. 

This is fantastic light dinner on a spring day like an evening in May 🙂

Actually, the taste is really good and natural, it is no different than the real one that you can try in Germany.  The spicy taste and specific flavor of the Wurst are so traditional and it deserves applause.

I hope this easy receipt to be interesting and delicious for those of us that you tried it.


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