Yoga journey for life

Yoga journey for life

It’s been 3 years from my first yoga class and definitely yoga becomes a journey for me. Three years is not a big deal in yoga lifespan. But this doesn’t matter because yoga is not a competition, yoga is a kind of awakening. Yoga works with our heart, emotions, and thoughts.

I’ve been talking to lots of people who practice yoga, but none of them can answer this simple question “What is yoga?”. This is the most common question and the answer couldn’t be just one. Yoga is a personal feeling, yoga is a personal opinion, yoga is a personal experience. Everyone can give you this answer by there emotions, their journey, their views.

“What is yoga?”

I couldn’t answer this question straight away. Every time I have a different feeling about it and it always comes from the bottom of my heart, emotions, and thoughts.

From my personal point of experience, yoga is the perfect activity which I love to practice every day. And truly I can be consistent on it with no doubt. My manner and temper are so in common with the philosophy of yoga that I’ve felt like I am at home when I first step on the mat. And I can say that I’m not searching for it. It’s actually cames for me in perfect time and moment in my life. (such a yoga explanation 😀 )

My first way on the mat

My story is not so interesting one but so. It was a winter day when two friends of mine offered me to go to practice some yoga for a back pain relief. I thought that would be something new, something that I can try and something fresh.

So we went to our first yoga practice and we were confused in the beginning. At the first place because we were only 3 of us and the instructor. In a while we began with a simple mantra of “OM” and we started to smile and laugh quietly. In a very next moment, we began with a slow flexible posture and extends which in the beginning I thought that there are a bit hard for me. At that moment I was totally confused and I couldn’t stop thinking about what we are doing here.

Amazingly at the end of the practice, I’ve felt my body really massaged and soft. I felt my mind calm and chilled. The feeling of confusion wasn’t there anymore and the atmosphere becomes for me really relaxing and I have no doubt that I’ll come back again next week.

So I can say that yoga is an addiction (so common definition but is true), yoga is power, yoga is more than a try. It is just like a delicious cake if you try it once you stay forever touched.

Life after first meeting with Yoga

I couldn’t say that I live two lives before and after I’ve started yoga but definitely, a lot of things has changed since then. This journey is colorful and it can’t stop easily. For my perspective, I’ve changed my thinking about life choices, life situations, the reason why something happens to us. The vibration, the mood in our personality is so important.

With yoga, I believe that we can develop ourselves and we can work on our feeling and vibration. I’ve learned a lot about our inner and outer world, and also how to handle our emotions and feelings.

Yoga gives me an ability to look into myself and to believe that I am the most important person for me and I have to take care of what I eat, what I listen, what I think, what I believe and who I have to come in into my world, how to clean my inner space, how to share my knowledge and so on.

Of course, my body has changed, I’ve become more flexible, more strong. I’ve noticed a good response from my body as well. My type of preferred music has also changed.

Actually, I’m connecting this process with so many other things, of course, is not just yoga that has changed my world but every person in it, every situation and reaction. Also, I’ve traveled a lot in this period of time, that opened my perspectives even more. I’ve changed my job twice and this is also an experience.

Maybe I’ve become an adult and my interest in life and for the world, in general, has changed. I’ve become interested in many topics like life philosophy, parenting, how does the money work, how does the world work, conspiracy theory, critical thinking, biochemical process in our body regarding the food we take, painting, arts… And lost of more information.

Yoga styles that I prefer

There is a huge variety of yoga styles and activities but on my own, I prefer a couple of them. Exercises like fit yoga, power yoga, energy yoga are not real yoga style, they just contain some poses and asanas from conventional yoga. But styles like Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga that is the real ones.

So I’ve started with Hatha Yoga and after that, I’ve begun to practice more recently Vinyasa flow Yoga. There we have movement, we have beautiful transitions from asana to asana and we have a running process.

I’ve also felt really well when I’m practicing Yin Yoga. This is a static one, with lots of holds in posture, deep breathing in asanas and mind releasing. It is so helpful when we’ve had a dynamic day or stressful work experience. I really really love Yin Yoga. I can recommend some channels that I’m following.

And last but not at least dynamic yoga style that I also like to practice is Ashtanga Yoga. This type of yoga is strict and the sequences are defined. There we have phases and they are tough ones. I prefer Ashtanga when I need tonus, when I need power and when I want to move my body up and push it to the limit. Something Ashtanga can be a real kick in the a*s! After 2 hours of practice, you are like reborn!

Huge thanks for my experience into that yoga journey

Of course, nothing will be the same without a yoga teacher, right? Maybe we can practice yoga online with lots of video tutorials but the real connection is way, way different experience. In that mind, huge thanks to Mariya Papaianopol, without her my yoga journey won’t be as it is. She is an adventure, she is a wild spirit, she is a movement. Visit her page for future reference if you will be around Plovdiv soon.

Online video tuts regarding yoga journey

Also, for all YouTube lovers, I can recommend one lovely channel – Boho Beautiful. So amazing two young people with so clear perspective! In their channel, you can find such a vibe and emotion, so deep, deep conversation and mindblowing views. I know that in front of the camera everything looks different but they can touch people with the same life mission, so give them a try!

My personal equipment

I’ve decided to give you and info about my personal yoga belongings. So I will be strict and into the point.

Here is my list of yoga sets that I have at home:

  • Studio yoga mat
  • Travel yoga mat
  • Yoga Belt
  • And all my yoga clothes are from random sellers and brands. If it’s comfy than it is mine. But personally I prefer tricot fabric. I feel more flexible in tricot when I am sweat.

And if you’ve read all of this and came to the very end of the article I can only say Thank you! I really appreciate all your patience and effort to read all of my cogitations. This article was so pleasant for me to write and definitely there will be vol.2 soon.

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